My inspiration…

My inspiration for writing this book came from being a parent and the need for finding a concept that helped me teach my son to persevere and conquer the day to day challenges that come with growing up. For me, it was getting my son to go to bed, and once I introduced him to The Be Good Fairy, he was literally throwing us out of his room at bed time! It is a great tool for everything from potty training, behaving, doing well at school, and any issue that challenges your child.  By introducing The Be Good Fairy into your lives it will not only help eliminate stressful situations, but actually make them fun! And as we seem to have less and less time with our kids,  isn’t it every parents dream to spend more quality time with their child, and less debating and coaxing them to behave? The Be Good Fairy is great for any child that is still in the stage of believing in the concept of Santa and the Tooth Fairy. I encourage you all to check it out, and if you are on Facebook or Twitter, PLEASE like or follow us and share it with your friends and followers. Even if your children are grown, please help me get the word out to parents and grandparents of younger children so that they too can benefit from the positive impact of The Be Good Fairy. Thank you so much for your support. Have a great day!

Many Thanks!!!!

Missy Wallen-Nichols

Can you imagine?

  • Your child racing to the potty without being coaxed.
  • Your child shoving you out the door to go to bed on time.
  • Your child running to greet you at school or daycare to tell you how well they behaved that day.

This is all possible with the help of The Be Good Fairy.