Our Story

Over the last seven years, I (Missy) have been putting together stories and examples of families whose lives have been changed by the Be Good Fairy. Becoming a mother later in life, I quickly learned that parenting was more challenging than I had realized. My husband and I wanted a way to discipline our child in a positive and inspiring manner, and a magical entity paved the way to a more peaceful and serene home.

Our family has been touched by the Be Good Fairy in so many wonderful ways. The Be Good Fairy helped discipline and growth become a fun and positive experience for our entire family. We feel compelled to share it with children and families whose lives have not yet been touched by this wonderful force.

bg-ourstoryI say thank you to my son, Addison, who has been my true inspiration. I have been privileged to see him grow and mature with the help of the Be Good Fairy. Special thanks to Micah Howard. Without him, this book would still be a dream tucked deep in a desk drawer. Deep appreciation to the artist Ben Ballard for his inspired illustrations and to Jake Williams at Lux Studios for his time and expertise in book design and printing. Most of all, I would like to thank the Be Good Fairy for always being there to help and for inspiring me to tell its story. I hope that by writing this book, the door will be opened for parents and children around the world to experience the magic of the Be Good Fairy.